WoodWick Candle Medium Trilogy AMETHYST SKY 275g

WoodWick Candle Medium Trilogy AMETHYST SKY 275g

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A combination of the scents Amethyst & Amber, Suede & Sandalwood, and Smoked Jasmine

Enjoy 90 burning hours of a delightful scent in your home!

Provides a crackling sound while burning

Imagine: after a long day, you come home, flop on the couch, and light the candles for some extra coziness. Who wouldn't want to smell a delicious, homely scent as soon as the candles start burning? Enjoy a trilogy of the scents Amethyst & Amber, Suede & Sandalwood, and Smoked Jasmine. The wooden wick creates a soothing crackling sound, as if the fireplace is on. Time to relax. With this WoodWick scented candle, you can enjoy approximately 90 hours of a wonderfully scented candle that stimulates all the senses.

This candle contains 3 scents that you can smell individually, but also blend together beautifully.

  • Amethyst & Amber: A complex blend of lavender and tuberose with scent tones of amber and guaiac wood
  • Suede & Sandalwood: A rich mix of vanilla and suede mixed with a delightful cedarwood scent
  • Smoked Jasmine: Scent tones of jasmine leaves with warm cedarwood and incense

WoodWick Scented Candle

WoodWick scented candles have been around since 2006. The brand is known for its refined fragrances and a soothing crackle the moment you light the candle. The materials and ingredients used to make the candles are carefully selected natural materials. The luxurious craftsmanship can be seen, heard and smelled in each unique candle. There is a fragrance to suit every household. Enjoy WoodWick candles at any time of the day. 

How do I burn a WoodWick scented candle?

To keep WoodWick candles burning well for as long as possible, it is good practice to let the candle burn for at least an hour each time you light it. This way, the candle 'swims', ie the wax melts up to the edge. This causes the candle to harden evenly and prevents burning in. As a result, the candle will burn well time and time again, and you will enjoy the scent for a longer time!