Salvador Sea & Sun Dali Eau de Toilette Spray 30 ml

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  • Fragrance category: aquatic, floral
  • Intensity: Light
  • Special occasion: Daily wear

Salvador Dalí Sea & Sun in Cadaques is a very light and fresh fragrance, suitable mainly for hot summer days. Sea & Sun in Cadaques is inspired by the relaxed and calm life in Cadaques, Spain. Sea & Sun in Cadaques is a pleasant, sweet and fresh fragrance thanks to the water flowers contained in its heart, and mainly its blue water lily and lotus flower leave the feeling of sharp refreshment. Its amazing cooling effects are combined with tones of ripe fruits, kumquat, apricot, and blackcurrant. However, thanks to its accents of musk and amber it's very warm, as is expected from and proper for a fragrance inspired by Spain. Sea & Sun in Cadaques is a luxury fragrance, pleasantly fresh, cooling, and tasty thanks to its sweetish tones of fruits. Also, it contains also mild tones of sensuality. Sea & Sun in Cadaques is a fragrance of every muse and an ideal perfume for a dreamy and calm woman. Sea & Sun in Cadaques wakes up the feelings of uniqueness in every woman, and the woman who wears it can become the femme fatal for each man. Sea & Sun in Cadaques is ideal to emphasize relaxed and calm days of vacation at the sea, but it can create this atmosphere in everyday life just as well. Sea & Sun in Cadaques is perfectly suitable for moments of leisure time as well as any party. Sea & Sun in Cadaques is designed for every unique woman, and its essence comes in a flacon which is just as unique, inspired by Aphrodite of Knidos by Salvador Dalí.