RITUALS Samurai Shower Foam 200 ml

RITUALS Samurai Shower Foam 200 ml

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RITUALS Samurai Shower Foam 200 ml

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Foaming Shower Gel Sensation.


Bamboo soothes and softens the skin, and symbolises qualities like perseverance, immunity and flexibility.

Suggested Use

Squeeze a small amount of gel into your hand. Contact with water transforms it into a relaxing foam sensation.

In the year 2000 founder Raymond Cloosterman started his adventure from a deeply rooted passion: “I passionately believe that we can transform our daily routines into more meaningful moments if we pay just a little bit more attention to the details. This philosophy led to a unique concept of combining home and body cosmetics, and this is how RITUALS... was born. Foaming shower gel sensation - contact with water transforms this gel into a soft, cleansing foam - fresh fragrance based on organic Bamboo and Cedar Wood - specially developed for the modern man