NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisture Sun Spray SPF15 (200ml) x 2

NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisture Sun Spray SPF15 (200ml) x 2

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  • Moisturising Protection - Our moisturising cream spray offers effective protection against sun exposure with its highly effective UVA/UVB filter.
  • SPF 15 - Our sun cream SPF 15 offers a medium level of sun protection which protects against sun exposure and UV-induced skin damage.
  • Water Resistant - The moisturising suncream 15 is highly water resistant so will last longer in the sunshine. Make sure to reapply after entering the water.
  • Method of Application - Apply before sun exposure with a visible layer before rubbing in, let dry then reapply to ensure adequate coverage. Reapply frequently.
  • Quick Absorbtion - The quickly absorbed NIVEA sun spray formula is suitable for all skin types, skin compatible and dermatologically approved.

NIVEA's Moisturising Sun Lotion provides you with highly effective SPF 15 protection against sunburn and sun-induced skin damage. Specially designed to care for your skin, Protect & Moisturise is a gentle soothing sun lotion that cares for all skin types. After application, the moisturising lotion immediately protects against sun exposure and long-term UV-induced skin damage. The suncream offers instant UVA/UVB protection and is extremely water resistant so is ideal for taking to the beach or to the swimming pool on hot summer days.

Method of application: Shake well before use. Apply the suncream liberally over all exposed areas of the skin, making sure to cover the ears, face, neck and other hard to reach areas. Rub in thoroughly and let the cream dry. Reapply to ensure adequate coverage and no missed areas before going outside. Reapply frequently especially after swimming, perspiring and drying with a towel. Even when protected avoid over-exposure to the sun as it is a serious health threat. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

The Product benefits:

  • Moisturising - Suncream moisturises and cares for skin
  • SPF 15 - Factor 15 suncream reduces the risk of sun damage
  • Water Resistant - Water-resistant formula
  • Immediate Protection - Instantly protects against harmful UV rays UVA/UVB Protection