Nioxin System 6 Kit Thicker Fuller Hair

Nioxin System 6 Kit Thicker Fuller Hair

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Nioxin System 6 Kit Thicker Fuller Hair

Nioxin - System 6
Trial Kit - 150 + 150 + 40 ml

3-phase Nioxin System 6 system for significant thinning of normal to strong, natural and chemically treated hair.
It helps cleanse, optimize and care for the skin and hair, thus creating an optimal environment for a stronger and denser hair appearance.

1x Shampoo Nioxin Cleanser 6 (150ml)
Cleans oil-clogged follicles, fatty acids and removes excess impurities from the scalp. It cleanses and at the same time gives the hair a stronger appearance.

1x Revitalizer Nioxin Scalp Revitalizer Conditioner 6 (150ml)
The lightweight conditioner helps to gain elasticity and provides balanced hydration to significantly thinning hair.

1x Nioxin Scalp Treatment 6 (40ml)
Rinse-free care, which contains important antioxidants, plant extracts and peppermint oil, renews the area around the skin of significantly thinning hair.

Kit System 6 includes:
- Glyko Shield - with white tea extract, moisturizing ingredient, peppermint oil and protective ingredients. It provides the hair with the necessary hydration and at the same time protects the color. Hair and scalp will be renewed and refreshed.
- Scalp Access Delivery System - with antioxidants, herbal extracts, vitamins, SPF 15 protective filter and cleansing ingredients to cleanse follicles from sebum and environmental residues on the skin. The scalp will be clean and the supply of nutrients to the scalp cells will be even and uninterrupted in time, so there will be an uninterrupted flow of nutrition to the scalp. the skin will also be protected from the sun.
- Smoothplex - with silky amino acids, kukui nut oil and protective care substances. It helps to ensure balanced hydration and at the same time smooth the hair. Reduces hair loss caused by breakage and hair damage.

1. Massage into skin and damp hair
2. Rinse thoroughly and continue with the revitalizer¨
3. Apply the revitalizer to the skin
4. Leave on for 1-3 minutes, or stretch to hair lengths
5. Rinse
6. Shake the skin and hair treatment product well
7. Apply evenly directly to washed and revitalized skin
8. Massage and do not rinse.