Moose Juice Energy Shots Grapetastic 24 x 60ml SEE DATES

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Dated End March 2024

  • IMPROVED FOCUS – When you need a quick pick-me-up look no further than the Moose Juice Energy Shot, 200mg of caffeine in one refreshing 60ml drink.
  • ADDED BCAA – Be your best self with Moose Juice – added BCAA and B Vitamins help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • LOW CALORIE – Zero sugar and aspartame free and only 4 calories per 60ml shot – this shot’s got the lot!
  • CONVENIENT – Boost your energy with the small but mighty cousin of the Moose Juice Extreme Energy Drinks, for those that want to down it in one!
  • MUSCLE MOOSE – Whether you’re looking for an energy boost without the crash or some post-workout protein goodness, we’ve got you covered!

Abracadabra! Moose juice extreme energy shots are packed with Moose magic (OK, caffeine) to give you extra energy and focus when you need it - fast. With added BCAAs and B vitamins, our zero sugar, aspartame free shot of emergency energy is here to save you from being less than your best. Get a boost from the Moose!