M&M's Brownie Happy Birthday  800gm Novelty Jars

M&M's Brownie Happy Birthday 800gm Novelty Jars

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THE PRODUCT: Do you know some one who’s so mad about sweets that they will not share a single piece? If so, this is the perfect jar of sweets for them. Our HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIFT JAR is the ideal affordable gift, lovingly hand packed with yo
ur choice of sweets, nicely presented in the Victorian-style jar and labelled with our ‘Happy Birthday label’.

ELEGANT PRESENTATION: The sweets are lovingly hand packed and nicely presented in a plastic jar with a Victorian-style twist off lid and with our Mr Beez branded Happy Birthday label design.

THE MEDIUM JAR: Height of 24cm, volume of 970ml with approximately 800 grams of M&Ms Brownies

THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Mr Beez Sweets jars are great gift ideas, suitable for any occasion. Everyone enjoys a jar of sweets, so if you’re struggling to find that perfect present, you cannot go wrong with one of our jars of sweets.

THE PACKAGING: Our jars are fully resealable, reusable, plastic jars made from PET recyclable materials.

THE MR BEEZ BRAND: We have vast experience in the industry, with many MANY products sold around the nation, so you can be sure that there is no one better when it comes to birthday sweet gifts with delicious, sweet treats.