James Bond 007 Eau de Toilette - 30 ml Imperfect Boxes

James Bond 007 Eau de Toilette - 30 ml Imperfect Boxes

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  • A fragrance inspired by James Bond 007
  • A fragrance for men
  • A masculine fragrance with a sophisticated feel
  • Middle notes of cardamom with basenotes of sandalwood and coumarin
  • A 30 ml bottle

James Bond 007 Eau de Toilette 30ml is inspired by the worldly iconic character from Iam Flemming's books and films James Bond. This fragrance is distinctively masculine and sophisticated fragrance for men. This fragrance has a smouldering base with fragrances of sandalwood, vetiver, lavender, coumarin and moss. At the heart of the fragrance lie the middle notes of cardamom. Unusually, the top notes at the head of fragrance lie the distinctive notes of apples. This fragrance promises to be a popular fragrance among men that is suitable for all occasions. This fragrance has been released to celebrate the 50 years of James Bond. This is the worlds first fragrance that has been released that is dedicated to this iconic fictional character. This is a fresh and sophisticated fragrance with a twist. This fragrance is unmistakably masculine. The bottle this fragrance comes in is sleek, dark blue glass. It has a silver twist cap and the bottle fits comfortably in your hand. The bottle is a fashionable addition to any bathroom. Be the cool and suave character that represents James Bond - make the ladies swoon and be eating out of your hand. Be the man you always dreamed of being. Bond....James Bond.