Huggies Pull-Ups, Trainers Day Nappy Pants for Girls  2-4 Years x 3 (60)

Huggies Pull-Ups, Trainers Day Nappy Pants for Girls 2-4 Years x 3 (60)

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  • Easy toilet training – Huggies Pull-Ups Trainers Day for girls are potty-training pants with a flexible fit and 360-degree waistband that constantly adjusts to keep your little one comfortable as they go off on their adventures
  • Learning layer - Huggies Pull-Ups’ for Girls are ideal potty training pants as they feature a learning layer designed to briefly feel wet to help your bid kid learn when they need to go to the potty
  • Advanced technology – Engineered with a wetness indicator that fades when wet to teach your potty training big kid the difference between wet and dry
  • Comfy and practical – Our Pull-Up pants have our best fit ever and are easy to pull on and tear off. Perfect for easy removal for quick clean ups during potty training - so your Big Kid can keep jumping, dancing and playing
  • As your girl grows up and becomes a big kid, help her ease through those final potty-training steps. Smaller packs of Huggies Pull-Ups Trainers for older toddlers will help her move onto real underwear in no time

Huggies Pull-Ups Trainers Day for Girls are perfect for easy toilet training during the day.

With unique learning features and advanced technology, Huggies Pull-Ups help potty training girls learn wet from dry. The learning layer inside the pull-up mimics the feeling of wet underwear to teach your kids to recognise the sensation.

Teach them wet and dry

Even better, the designs on these pull-up pants fade when wet to teach them the difference between wet and dry.

Your little adventurer will love wearing Huggies pull-ups. With the super soft and stretchy 360˚ waistband, watch as they start practising pulling their pants up and down by themselves in no time. The waistband also helps to make the pull-ups comfortable and flexible to wear – meaning your explorer can continue to hop, skip and jump to her heart‘s content!

Exciting designs

Did we mention that Huggies pull-ups feature exciting designs? Encourage your daughter to feel like a big kid in a pair of cool pull-up pants.

Becoming a Big Kid

Huggies Pull-Ups suits those aged 2- to 4-year-olds. They can provide the final helping hand if she’s close to finishing her potty training, but still needs a little more support to become a big kid.